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​Joseph is a Baccalaureate Nursing Student. He works both with patients and in the office performing administrative duties. 
Patient feedback is "Joseph is the nicest young man" and "It is comforting that Joseph actually cares how my father is doing and my father can tell. We appreciate having him support our father". 


Our Story: 

Middleburg Home Care, LLC was started in Maryland in 1998, by Michelle Lane, MSN, RN, as Hi Tech Infusions, providing Intrathecal Pump Refills and Intravenous Infusions to patients. In 2015 we expanded into Virginia, with our home and office in Middleburg. 

When Hi Tech Infusions was licensed in Virginia, we became became a Home Healthcare Organization, providing not only Skilled Nursing Care, we added Physical and Occupational Therapy, and the Personal Care Assistant Division. The care of patient's using the important "Waiver" was added as this Waiver keeps patients patients in their homes, preventing people from having to enter a nursing homes. 

Our Mission never changed though: Provide the highest quality Home Healthcare Services with nurturing kindness. 

We have two goals: 
1. Helping patients return to their previous level of health and independence. 
2. Ensuring patients' healthcare status & safety is maintained and support their comfort & activities of daily living.


​January Employee of the Month is: 

We are proud to employ Amanda. Our patient's feedback of her work is "most reliable" and she is "very gentle and extremely patient" by clients/patients' family members. Amanda works primarily with pediatric patients but, she also supports one of our most senior patients who is 99 years young. The patients tell us that they "love her" too. 

Amanda has earned a Bachelor's Degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University which most people know as 'VA Tech' & is a dog lover.


February Employee of the Month is: 

Destinee is one of the first employees of Middleburg Home Care. We have watched her grow from a Home Healthcare Aide to having earned the Certification as a Medical Assistant from Fairfax Community College and is a repeat winner of Employee of the Month. 
She is an extremely patient and gentle way of providing healthcare services to our patients. The feedback with receive is, from child to the elderly, they are always so "happy to have her providing healthcare services" to them.  

March Employee of the Month is: 

We are proud to have Dorothea working for us. She is an extremely reliable and dynamic woman who earned a B.S.N., a Bachelors Degree In Nursing at the University of East Manila. 

Dorothea is one of the most dedicated employees to her current patient and it is wonderful to see.  She previously worked for twenty years for the City of Alexandria as a RN in public health. We could not be more proud to have Dorothea on staff. 


Middleburg Home Care's Service Area is wide. We cover the Greater Middleburg Agricultural Area, which is Loudoun County and spreads into Fauquier, Clarke, Frederick & Warren Counties.

 However, we also have many patients in Fairfax & Prince Williams Counties plus, south into Flint Hill & Little Washington, in Rappahannock County. Additionally, we travel Southeast into Stafford and Fredericksburg for Skilled Nursing Services. 

The map to the right shows in RED our service area, which is approximately 50 miles outside of the 20117 Zip Code. 
​April Employee of the Month is: 

Everett first started working for Middleburg Home Care in 2019. He was born & raised in Middleburg where his parents built a successful business for decades in Middleburg, throughout Loudoun County & NoVA. 

Patient feedback about Everett is "so friendly" & that he is "kind &  punctual" We are happy to have Everett on staff with us. His main patient/client says that "he's a friend now" which we are thrilled to know that he's built such trust with his patients. 

May Employee of the Month is: 

We hired Shirley to work for us last fall and have been impressed with her work ethic since. Shirley is a native of Middleburg and Western Loudoun County who all the Locals know & love.  

She's so pleasant, punctual, thoughtful, compassionate, and loves to garden. She is so caring and provides the absolutely best care to her main patient. 

June Employee of the Month is:
Kimberly joined Middleburg Home Care during her summer vacation from Mary Washington University where she in a Baccalaureate Nursing Student. 

Her patient and the family were so thrilled with Kimberly's skills and that she was so "kind"! 

July Employee of the Month is: Kimberly! 
August Employee of the Month is: Norma! 

Norma is a popular Caregiver and has a Bachelor's degree from Shepard's College in Sociology and has been with us for over two years. 

She is a repeat winner of Employee of the Month. 
All of Norma's patients love her and she's in great demand. We are proud to have her with us! 

September Employee of the Month is Maurice!

We are happy to have Maurice working full-time. He grew up in Middleburg and has worked for us for almost one year. 
The person he supports loves his work and we appreciate how hard he works. 

October Employee of the Month is: Allyson

Allyson has been with Middleburg Home Care for three years. We are thrilled to have her. She is reliable, punctual and kind. 

Allyson is a proud new mother of a baby boy. 

November Employee of the Month is: Marilyn

Marilyn is the Chairperson of our Board of Directors and works very hard performing our Quality Assurance. She is starting Medical School in the fall and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Middleburg Home Care. 

December Employee of the Month is: 

Angel is a repeat winner of Employee of the Month. 
She has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. We are proud that she has been with Middleburg Home Care for three years. 

We sometimes have multiple patient all requesting her services at the same time. But, there's only one Angel. 
She's an extremely proud mother and grandmother!