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Our Story: 

Middleburg Home Care, LLC was started in Maryland in 1998, by Michelle Lane, MSN, RN, as Hi Tech Infusions, providing Intrathecal Pump Refills and Intravenous Infusions to patients. In 2015 we expanded into Virginia, with our home and office in Middleburg. 

Some other fun facts: Michelle Lane's former mother-in-law, Dorothy Fred Smithwick, aka Dot, who passed away several years ago was born and raised in Middleburg and went to college with Jackie Kennedy.  Their friendship led to the Kennedy's personal "First Horses" being boarded in Middleburg when President Kennedy was in the White House.  Also, the Middleburg Catholic Church on Sam Fred Rd., was built years ago for the Kennedys to attend while in Middleburg. The church was founded on land which was donated by Dot's father, Mr. Sam Fred.  

Since Middleburg is historically known for Steeplechase Horse Racing and Foxhunting, our logo was developed as a Foxhunter jumping a medical cross.

When Hi Tech Infusions expanded into Virginia, we originally performing Skilled Nursing Care and added Physical and Occupational Therapy, and the Personal Care Assistant Division. Although the waiver is a Federal Requirement, is not available in every state. 

Our Mission never changed: Providing the highest quality Home Healthcare Services with kindness and nurturing. There are two goals, either helping patients return to their previous level of independence & health or, ensuring patients' healthcare status & safety is maintained and support their comfort & activities of daily living.

​The most important part of Middleburg Home Care is the person coming to each patient's home. 
Since we receive so many compliments on our staff, we recently began: 
Employee Of the Month. 

These staff members have had the most compliments by the patients & attendance. 

They receive a Bonus during their Award Month. 

​January Employee of the Month is: 

Amanda is said to be "Most reliable" by our patients. She works primarily with Pediatric Patients. Both our patients and their parents love her. 
Patients and their families all say that Amanda is very gentle and extremely patient with her clients.
Amanda has earned a Bachelor's Degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University which most people know as 'VA Tech'. 
She is also a dog lover and enjoys hiking and gaming. 


February Employee of the Month is: 

Destinee has earned the Certification as a Medical Assistant. She earned her CMA at Lord Fairfax Community College. She is an extremely patient and gentle way of providing healthcare services to our patients. The feedback with receive is, from child to the elderly, they are always so happy to have her providing healthcare services to them.  She is a proud and loving mother too. 
We could not be more proud to having Destinee working for Middleburg Home Care. Her Start Date for work was mid-September 2018. 

March Employee of the Month is: 

Dorothea earned a B.S.N., a Bachelors Degree In Nursing at the University of East Manila and is clearly one of the most dedicated employees to her current patient. 
She worked for the City of Alexandria for over 30 yrs and is married, a mother and a grandmother. 
We could not be more proud to have Dorothea on staff doing the great work she is characterized by! 


Middleburg Home Care's Service Area is wide, as we cover the Greater Middleburg Agricultural Area, which is Loudoun County and spreads into Fauquier, Clarke, Frederick & Warren Counties.

 However, we also have many patients in Fairfax & Prince Williams Counties plus, south into Flint Hill & Little Washington, in Rappahannock County. Additionally, we travel Southeast into Stafford and Fredericksburg. 

The map to the right shows in RED our service area, which is approximately 50 miles outside of the 20117 Zip Code. 
​April Employee of the Month is: 

Everett first started working for Middleburg Home Care in 2019. He was born & raised in Middleburg where his parents built a successful business for decades in Middleburg & throughout Loudoun County. 
We can always count on him to jump in and help out if anything comes up! He is friendly, kind, punctual and is extremely appreciated by us. He always does an excellent job! 

May Employee of the Month is: 

We hired Shirley to work for us last fall and have been impressed with her work ethic since. Shirley is a native of Middleburg and Western Loudoun County who all the Locals know & love. She's so pleasant, punctual, thoughtful and compassionate. We feel blessed to employee her!