Below is information available to the community to help address needs such as wounds and a video about fluid held in feet and ankles CHF: 

After working with many patients/clients who struggle with Decubitus, or wounds, in areas which are in dependent areas - like where one sits; we have developed a strategy which resolves wounds.  

We utilize the following steps: 

​1.  Keep area clean & free of urine, etc.
2. Use Lanolin based wipes to thoroughly cover skin with the sheep hair moisturizer. 
3. Cut Duoderm to cover only the open areas & then Cover Duoderm with Paper Tape
4. Only change Duoderm when it is soiled or come off by itself.
5. Have patient take oral Collagen supplements and Multivitiamins each day. 
6. Have patient sit on a egg-crates or pillows if egg-crates are not immediately available. 

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Stage 1: Skin is red with skin layers cracking or early tears.
Stage 2: Multiple layers of skin are torn and the top parts of subcutaneous tissue are involved. 
Stage 3: All skin layers are torn away plus a large part of the subcutaneous tissue are damaged.
Stage 4: Pictures are very graphic & not suitable for website but maybe viewed on Internet. This level has deep level damage to subcutaneous tissue and tendons with bone possibly showing.